About Breathwork

How our Breath impacts the way we live

Clinical Breathwork is one of the most powerful modalities for creating balance and harmony in all systems of the body.
It helps restore equilibrium between the body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

Our subconsious breathing pattern impacts the nervous system, which in turn impacts our endocrine system, changing our blood chemistry.
Our breathing changes our blood chemistry, and our blood chemistry changes our organ function, focus, clarity and thought processes. 
Breathing changes thinking.

Our inhale increases our energy levels, and activates more awakeness.
Our exhale relaxes our whole body, and downshifts our glands.
The balance of the inhale to the exhale is the answer to balance in life.

The movement of breath into the lower areas of the abdomen will have an impact on digestion, and nutrient uptake form food.
If there is no breath moving into the lower areas, then digestion can be slow and stagnant.

Our breathing rythm has an impact on our heart rate variability, which has been proven to be a key indicator to stress and anxiety.
Creating more flow of breath through this heart space improves HRV and our capacity to live from a space of love.

Breathwork provides an opportunity for unprocessed emotions to surface and be released. It is a gateway into the subconscious mind.

Breathing is the foundation of all Spiritual practices and can provide greater clarity, insight and understanding in life.

How we breathe is how we live.

Are you ready to breathe?

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